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Banana Fanna Fo Fanna… The Post Marriage Name Game

illustration ©Kelly Maron Horvath

So here it goes. I never particularly liked my last name just because people never pronounced it correctly. MARON.  Pronounced “M-Air-Un”.  Not May-Ron, Mah-Rone, Mor-ann, and certainly not More-on.  Yes, hearing over the loudspeaker in high school, “Will Kelly Moron please come to the office”, is not the best way to feel more comfortable during early awkward teen years.

Jokes aside, I grew to like my name simply because it was all I had.  It comes from St. Maron of France who traveled into Lebanon where my relatives originally spelled it Maroun.  And now the name Maron (usually spelled Marin or Maren) has been popping up all over the place as a perfectly acceptable female first name.  Marin in French means Sailor, in English means Sea, in German means Seaman.  I think that sounds like a fine name.

As a teen, I always wanted to change it. But by the time I got married when I was 31, I had established myself in my profession with that name. Plus I didn’t really think I liked my husband’s name any better. (HORVATH… pronounced Hore-Vath)  It had its own set of issues. ;)  I don’t know this new name.  What does it mean?  It is Slovakian and that is all I know.  I wasn’t even sure where Slovakia was on a map. Plus, I was teaching high school at the time and for some reason teen boys can’t handle any name that has anything that sounds like “whore” in it.  It is just too much for them to handle.  That settled it.  I couldn’t be a Horvath.  We had even talked about combining our names but our the best option we could come up with was HORVATRON.  It sounds like a slutty robot.

photo by Edyta Szyszlo Photography

So when we wed, I decided to keep my name and didn’t think twice. Then 3 years later we had a son. We gave him 4 names (JACKSON CALDER MARON HORVATH) which included my last name as sort of a second middle name. But as the years went on and he started going to daycare, then preschool (where they taught them all about family names) it was really weird to have a different name than my son. Not weird in any sentimental way but just logistically weird. Quite frankly it became a hassle. So for our 6th anniversary I surprised my husband by going through all the steps to legally tack his name onto the end of mine. So according to the Social Security Office and the DMV, I am now officially KELLY BLAIR MARON HORVATH.  Whew!  (Did you know that having two last names, hyphenated or not, is referred to as a “double-barrelled name”?)

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Another Gift for the Season

So Christmas is coming a little late in the Reenie Rose camp.  It’s the holiday season, so why not extend gift giving a little bit longer than December 25th.

First off, I have to introduce you to the photographer behind the camera that captured Sarah and Ernest’s wedding day this past October.  A new find for me, Jaclyn Simpson is a photographer that I can’t wait to get to know better.  We already have so much in common….good food, traveling, and art!

1.  How long have you been in  business?  
Four years (give or take)

2.   Toot your own horn….what’s your specialty?  
Weddings and Portraits

3.  Who or what are your  favorite subjects to photograph….your dream photo session? 
I love to photograph people. I also really enjoy photographing great details and styled photo shoots.

4.  What do you like about working in the  wedding industry?  
I love that I am able to be a part of one of the happiest days in my clients’ lives. I also love the community of  professionals and vendors in the wedding industry.

5.  When  you are not working, what are you up to?
Enjoying good food and friends in Chicago or traveling.

6.  Anything new and exciting  coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)   
I am in the process of starting a completely separate  and exciting new brand just for portraits.

Definitely pay Jaclyn a little visit at


And now for the big unveiling…here is Sarah and Ernest’s painting….completed!!!

There wasn’t anyone out there willing to take a bold stab at the hour count on this one, so I’ll give in…..a whopping 63 hours!!!  I couldn’t believe it either!  Quality takes time.

Speaking of time, don’t forget that you have until December 31, 2011 to book a painting at the 2011 prices.  Paintings will be going up next year, so don’t wait…treat yourself to a late Christmas gift!  You know you deserve it!



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Real Wedding: Ashley & Mark

After posting an adorable engagement shoot the other day, I wanted to end the year with this super sweet real wedding courtesy of Gaby J Photography.  She recently shot the Las Vegas backyard wedding of Ashley & Mark and I wanted to share some of the lovely personal touches.

I think sometimes during wedding planning, people can lose sight of the big picture… getting married.  Instead you are focused on registries and head counts and it can be overwhelming for many brides and/or grooms.  This couple kept is simple, got thrifty, and in the end had a very meaning and personal day.

Ashley made all the decorations herself using inspiration from various wedding blogs.  She used a mix of thrifted lace, vellum, felt and anything else she could get a hold of.

From Ashley, “For months and months, I scoured every thrift store in town searching for vintage floral dinner plates and dessert plates, vintage lace table cloths, doilies, mugs, thermoses, platters, jars, and vases!  It was a lot of work, but it turned out exactly as I planned and in the end, saved a ton of money! ”  One tip from Ashley… she found lace table cloths to be really expensive but found several lace curtains that were much more affordable.  Getting clever, she just layered them onto a plain colored table cloth and voila!  Beautifully covered tables with change to spare.

Ashley said her favorite crafty creation was the mason jar drinking glasses.  She bought chalkboard contact paper (we found some here) and cut them into cute little labels.  Chalk markers (less messy than regular chalk) were placed on the tables so people could write their names on their jars.

To fill their vintage mugs and tea cups, they served hot water for tea, hot cocoa, and warm apple cider in retro pump thermoses.  They had agave syrup, marshmallows, apple slices, and cinnamon sticks as garnishes.  Ashley said this was a big hit!

Another quirky aspect was the totally vintage feel of the images.  Gaby loves vintage cameras, polaroids, and isn’t afraid of light leaks or sunflare.  If it fits the tone of your wedding, feel free to hire a photographer that embraces the past.

I also love how Ashley & Mark’s whimsical tastes extended to the bridal party.  Look at these adorable gals. (I own mustard yellow tights too and LOVE them!).  It is nice to see each bridesmaid able to express her own style.

Congratulations to Ashley & Mark!  Thank you for letting us share your wedding and to Gaby for sending these our way.  Ashley also has her own Etsy shop where she sells many of the things she makes.  If you aren’t very crafty but like her decorations, you may be able to hire her for your own wedding decor.

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A Paint Chip Wedding

via Superhero Journal

Howdy.  We are in the midst of repainting much of our house and have piles and piles of paint chips.  I have always loved them and have even used them in my artwork.  When people come to me for their invitations or paper goods, I often tell them to visit the paint section of the home improvement store.  Often it is a great place to find just the perfect shade(s) you want for your wedding.  Sometimes one person’s idea of “Bubblegum Pink” or “Robin’s Egg Blue” is different than another person’s.  So grab that paint chip and hand them out to your florist, baker, printer, bridal party or anyone else who might need some specific color guidance.

Beyond using paint chips as a helpful planning tool, I think it would be so fun to incorporate paint chips into your wedding decor.  They can be used to match any color palette and the best part… they are free!

Here are some ideas to inspire you to incorporate paint chips into your big day.  Have any ideas we missed?  Add them in the comments below.

tutorial via Hey Gorgeous

I love this paint chip chandelier from Hey Gorgeous.  These would look lovely hanging above each table or by creating a larger one as a focal point above the dessert table or ceremony spot?

via Once Wed
via La’Di Events

One way to get your guests to their table is by creating paint chip escort cards.  Using single or multi-colored chips, cut them into your desired shape, write out the names and display.  If you are using a calligrapher, give them the chips ahead of time.  Also, large, uncut chips can go through most printers (I would suggest a laser printer) so you can be consistent with the fonts from your invitations and other printed goods.

via My Hands Made It

Here is a great tutorial for a laser printed place card, napkin holder.  I love the vintage napkin & tablecloth in this photo as well.  Veronica from My Hands Made It, originally crafted these as a place cards for a housewarming party.  She also created this hand fan for the same party but wouldn’t this ben even more perfect as a paddle fan program for a summer time wedding?

via My Hands Made It

Don’t send your guest home empty handed.  Pass out these adorable favor boxes topped with a paint chip name tag.  Adorable!

via Real Simple

Once the wedding is over and the sparkly dust has settled, announce the address of your new nest with these adorable moving announcements.  Design them on your computer, runt them through your printer, address, stamp, and voila!

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Don’t fret if you aren’t very crafty, there are hundreds of paint-chip related goods on Etsy .  Everything from garlands to earrings to paper lanterns.  There are dozens of artists around that would happily help you create your perfect paint-chip wedding decor.

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Windy City Pin Up


We at Windy City Pin Up are so very excited to attend our first Indie Wed in just a few short weeks. We are a vintage pin up duo composed of: Ashlee (Owner.Photographer.Stylist) & Laura (Partner.Hair.Make-up.Finishes)  We are a bit more than enthralled with all things vintage and when we started our business had a relatively simple mission: 

A dedication to transforming everyday women into timeless beauties. We are inspired by all that is classic, romantic, sexy, playful and coy. Encouraged by curves and the inherent allure that every woman possesses. Committed to create for you, an experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

And while each and every one of our clients are amazing and unique, one client base we never expected to be so vast and enjoyable are all the brides-to-be that come our way. Whether it’s a boudoir session to surprise their groom with on their big day, the classic pin-up calendar they’ve always wanted to share or a pin-up themed bachelorette party with their favorite girls, we adore our brides and can’t wait to meet so many of you soon. Be sure to stop by our booth or sign up for our burlesque/strip tease class.

We are currently offering 25% off all gift cards through the holidays, as well as discounts on our 2011 calendars and bookings are open for our heavily discounted Valentines Day theme shoot! Contact us or visit our website for details.

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A Painting with a Plan

There are so many great people that go into making a bouquet painting, and Sarah and Ernest’s is no exception.  Even though I am the only one creating the actual painting, there is a whole team responsible for what comes out on the canvas.  The most important part in Sarah and Ernest’s creation is the gracious referral from team leader Hilary Schwartz of Estera Events.

If there’s any part of a wedding that I recommend the most (besides a fabulous florist), it is hiring a planner.  I can’t imagine relying on a family friend or, heaven forbid, my mom, to make sure everything is in tip top shape the day of my hypothetical wedding.  Put it all in the hands of the professional and let the guests enjoy.  I’ve played the part of the consultant before, and there is nothing like the joy you feel when you bring complete calm and assurance over what can be the most important and stressful day in a couple’s life.  Hilary is one of those people that easily makes you feel this peace when you are in her presence….imagine what she could do for your wedding day!


1.  How long have you been in business?

I started Estera Events in February of 2010, after working the previous 9 years as both an Interior Designer and Floral Designer.

2.  Toot your own horn….what’s your specialty?

Given my background, I love to help my clients create a conceptual direction for their event that suits their personalities and budget. We are involved in every single element to ensure a cohesive vision. We also design and produce details for the bride such as personalized Welcome Bags for the guests, innovative Escort Card displays and unique Place Setting embellishments at the table.

3.  What would be your dream event creation?

My dream isn’t so much for a particular event; rather, I am excited about fulfilling my dream of increasing Estera Events’ presence on the West Coast. Ultimately, I’d also like to do more exotic destination weddings–especially during Chicago winters!

4.  Wedding trend you love and one you’d like to see disappear?

I love the return to traditional details such as the ‘send off’ at the end of the evening. As far as a trend I’d like to see disappear–well, I have an aversion to tented escort cards. We always try to push the boundaries and make things a bit more interesting for our couples.

5.  Craziest request you’ve had?

We’re currently working with a bride who has requested a ‘Tennessee Circus, Betty Paige meets Mumford and Sons’ theme for her wedding next year. Sounds crazy – but we love it!!

6.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry?

Aside from designing and creating the quintessential wedding day for a couple, I really appreciate the camaraderie among the vendors in this industry. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by so many talented and supportive individuals.

7.   When you are not working, what are you up to?

When am I not working! I have to admit, I love my job and don’t feel like it’s all work! When I do take time off, however, I enjoy traveling – particularly to the Bed and Breakfast owned by my family in Missouri (Inn at Clover Hill).

8.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)

Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day event in late January, an exclusive dinner party in February, and not to mention all of our fabulous 2012 weddings!

 Thank you so much Hilary!!!  Eeee!  I can’t wait to see what Estera Events has in store for 2012!  Be sure to visit her at

And now for the painting update….

There are more to come…..


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Meet the Teams – Inspired Creations Contest part 6

Welcome to the last installment of our ‘Meet the Teams’ series.  Out of all the wonderful proposals, we selected six teams of wedding pros to recreate their concepts live at the Winter Indie Wed.

The last team I want to share with you includes some total wedding rock stars, just like all the other teams!

Courtney Callahan PaperFleurSimply Jessie Photography & SQN Events have partnered up to bring us a concept they are calling the “Belles & Gents Bar”.  Imagine a relaxed, old-fashioned styled, co-ed bar where guests can chat it up while sipping on some refreshing libations.  A rustic wood bar will hold a bevy of sweets &  handcrafted beers just for starters.  What a fun idea for a wedding reception.  I could see this at a variety of locations from a backyard fete to a gallery soiree.

via Green Wedding Shoes

For a sneak peek at their gallery of inspirations, they created a pinterest page filled with all sorts of eye-candy.  Take a look.