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Hand-Made Monday: The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop (& a Giveaway!)

Happy Hand-Made Monday, folks! I know there have been a few silent Mondays lately, but I am so, SO excited to introduce you to one of my favorite wedding vendors!


{Red Floral Tie}

In an era where grooms are getting more involved in the process of planning their weddings,  it would seem only natural that there would be a rise in the availability of unique wedding-based menswear. Enter The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop, an online retailer of unique, dapper (& SUPER affordable) menswear items, from bow ties and pocket squares to shirts and suspenders.

Yun-Yi Goh, Co-founder and Creative Director at The Grunion Run, was kind enough to answer some questions (AND offer a giveaway) for me. Check out our interview below and see the details of the giveaway after the interview!

CV: Tell me about the beginnings of The Grunion Run. How did it start? Where did the idea come from? What is the story of the name?


{Blue Stripe Bow Tie}

YG: The Grunion Run was launched in March 2012 but the seeds for the shop were planted in 2006 when Kevin and I got married and couldn’t find exactly what we wanted for our guys at a price point that was affordable. I was working in a different industry at the time but as the years passed it became clear that while the wedding market was vastly changing, the menswear segment remained largely stagnant and I grew very excited at the prospect of creating something new and interesting for grooms + groomsmen.

As for the name, we wanted something unique that would reflect the SoCal roots of the shop. The Grunion Run seemed perfect not only because it’s the name of a special mating ritual for a fish species that is native to these parts, but also because it combines the words groom + union which seemed appropriately symbolic!


{Purple Gingham Tie}

CV: Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

YG: I am design-obsessed and look for inspiration everywhere from street-wear to road signs…you never know when something’s going to hit. The other day I was out for a walk with my baby and saw the most perfect shade of green in the trees on one street (thank goodness I turned down that street!). I’m now obsessively trying to find a fabric to match because I know it’s the perfect color for wedding neckties.

CV: What three words best describe your work?

YG: exhausting. obsessive. worthwhile.  =)

CV: How would you describe your ideal customer/the person you design for?

YG: I love designing for anyone who wants to have fun and get creative with a more casual, less traditional look. We offer a range of pieces in similar color palettes that can be mixed-and-matched for a cohesive but individual look for groomsmen.


{White w/ Black Stripes Suspenders}

CV: Do you create custom pieces?

YG: As of now we don’t, though we do offer custom monogramming for our ties and pocket squares.

CV: What is your favorite piece(s) you’ve created, and why?

YG: It’s like being asked which child is your favorite but if I was forced to choose I’d have to say that our lavender and pale yellow neckties are two of my favorites because those are the exact (non-shiny) shades of ties we were looking for for our own wedding and never found.

CV: What tips do you have for couples who are choosing their groomsmen’s attire?

YG: Groomsmen outfits don’t often get the same attention as the bridesmaids but don’t forget the guys still make up half your wedding photos. It’s always great when guys have one statement piece be it a tie, a vest, or a pocket square that will pop in the photos. Of course, with all the other details that go into a wedding, I also always stress that you should first have fun and relax.


{Striped Pocket Square}

CV: At IndieWed, we love small/alternative wedding businesses. Are there any small wedding-related businesses you’d like to give a shout-out to?

YG: One of the great things about being in the wedding industry is getting to know the many other fantastic vendors involved; in particular other small business owners who are trying to make things happen like us! We’ve had a great collaboration recently with Chris + Gina Holt who are the photographers behind Chris Holt Photography, and more importantly are such a lovely couple to work with. And while I haven’t met her personally, I must say I really admire Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events because of the way she has grown her business over the years and really connected with her audience over social media. It’s very impressive.

CV: Are you working on anything new or exciting at the moment?

YG: Oh yes! We are playing around with more patterned fabrics and looking at new shapes for our bow ties, among many other fun things we have in our pipeline!

CV: GIVEAWAY DETAILS! One lucky reader will win a necktie of their choice from The Grunion Run’s new collection of neckties! Here’s how you enter: visit the New Arrivals Page, and leave a comment on this feature telling us which necktie on that page is your favorite (and leaving your email address)! A winner will be selected at random on Friday! Personally, I love this Blue Paisley Tie and this Pale Green Floral Tie!

Thanks, Yun, for spending time and giving away one of your amazing neckties! Be sure to stop by The Grunion Run’s website, Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr accounts!

Corinne Van Arsdale is a Wedding Coordinator based in Madison, Wisconsin and serving Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago. Check out her website, blogFacebook and Pinterest. If you know of a small business/hand-crafter you’d like to recommend for a feature on Hand-Made Monday, email Corinne at

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Surviving a Bridal Show – Tips for Attending Indie Wed

If you are the midst of planning and have decided to attend a bridal show, know that all shows are not created equal.  What appeals to some may not appeal to others.  It used to be that the only real shows were held in big hotel ballrooms or convention halls but within recent years, smaller or independent shows (like Indie Wed) have begun popping up all over.  Some shows can be large and give you a lot to look over but some find these shows overwhelming.  More intimate shows give you that one on one face time with vendors but often these shows aren’t as diverse and only highlight a few select vendors.

Photo by Jeremy Lawson Photography

If you have the opportunity I would suggest attending at lease one large and one small show in your area.  Of course my ultimate suggestion would be to attend Indie Wed!  While it is a larger show with over 100 vendors, it isn’t your typical ballroom show.  Vendors are juried through an application process (unlike other large shows which will take anyone who pays a high fee) to ensure that we have a diverse group (with style, price range, etc) of small, independent artists and wedding pros.  Many of our vendors don’t participate in any other wedding shows because they understand the uniqueness of Indie Wed and the wonderful group of attendees it attracts.

Photo by Studio Starling

If you are attending Indie Wed (or any other wedding shows), you need to arrive prepared so that you can make the most of your time there.  Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Bring a bag or tote – Vendors will have plenty of handouts and giveaways so bring something you can put everything in.
  2. Bring a bottle of water – While food and drinks will be available, it might be nice to have a bottle tucked in your bag.  Staying hydrated will keep you refreshed.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes – As someone who can attest to spending the day running up and down between all the floors, leave the heels at home and opt for something more comfortable.
  4. Contact info labels – Preprinted labels with your name, address, & email will save you from having to fill out mailing lists multiple times.  Some people even opt to open a P.O. box or get a special email address just for wedding planning.
  5. Know your budget – Having your budget in mind will help you focus on vendors who fit the bill (literally)
  6. Bring your checkbook / credit card – Many vendors will be taking deposits and this is a great way to make sure you snag that vendor for your big day before anyone else does (TIP: because of high banking fees, many small vendors prefer checks over credit cards.  In fact, some vendors don’t accept credit cards at all.  Make sure you ask ahead of time)
  7. Walk down every aisle on all floors – Indie Wed is large with vendors on two floors.  Make sure you go down every aisle so you don’t miss that hidden gem (Programs with maps are available at the registration table)
  8. Bring swatches of fabrics, colors etc with you – When talking to vendors, having something to show them may be helpful.  If you use Pinterest to save inspirational images, having their app on your smart phone may also allow you to show vendors what you have in mind.
  9. Have your calendar handy – bring your datebook or calendar with you as this is a perfect time to set up future appointments with vendors.
  10. Enjoy

Have any other good tips? Leave them in the comments section below.

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Windy City Pin Up


We at Windy City Pin Up are so very excited to attend our first Indie Wed in just a few short weeks. We are a vintage pin up duo composed of: Ashlee (Owner.Photographer.Stylist) & Laura (Partner.Hair.Make-up.Finishes)  We are a bit more than enthralled with all things vintage and when we started our business had a relatively simple mission: 

A dedication to transforming everyday women into timeless beauties. We are inspired by all that is classic, romantic, sexy, playful and coy. Encouraged by curves and the inherent allure that every woman possesses. Committed to create for you, an experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

And while each and every one of our clients are amazing and unique, one client base we never expected to be so vast and enjoyable are all the brides-to-be that come our way. Whether it’s a boudoir session to surprise their groom with on their big day, the classic pin-up calendar they’ve always wanted to share or a pin-up themed bachelorette party with their favorite girls, we adore our brides and can’t wait to meet so many of you soon. Be sure to stop by our booth or sign up for our burlesque/strip tease class.

We are currently offering 25% off all gift cards through the holidays, as well as discounts on our 2011 calendars and bookings are open for our heavily discounted Valentines Day theme shoot! Contact us or visit our website for details.