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Hand-Made Monday: Modern Wedding Stationery by Puddleduck Paper Co

Mattie of Puddleduck Paper Co

{Mattie Tiegreen of Puddleduck Paper Co.}

As a wedding planner and designer, one of my most FAVORITE aspects of a wedding to play with (and drool over) is the stationery — especially when it’s truly unique and specific to the couple at hand. So, naturally, when I came across Puddleduck Paper Co., I fell in love and instantly knew that I had to share it with all of you.

These invitations are so sweet and simple, and yet they also have such a unique and fun spirit — much like their creator, Mattie Tiegreen. It’s literally as if the joy of the event is jumping off of the paper. Mattie was kind enough to answer some questions about her fabulous and darling creations below:

{Scalloped Wedding Invitation}

CVA: Tell me about the beginnings of Puddleduck Paper Co. How did you get into the wedding stationery market?

MT: Puddleduck comes from very (very) humble beginnings. I dabbled in paper-making and graphic design for almost four years before joining Etsy in 2009. I added a wedding collection in 2010 and still can’t believe the growth. I now design for brides from Alaska to Australia and everywhere in between. I still get excited speaking to a new client and helping them plan the paper details of their big day.

CVA: Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

MT: I am very inspired by clean lines and geometric design. I love black, white and yellow (could you tell?) and have recently drawn much inspiration for pattern and design from the fashion world.

{Kraft Typography Save-the-Date}

CVA: What do you love most about your job/working in the wedding industry?

MT: I love that it’s ever-changing. No matter how many times I re-create the same feel or theme for a wedding, it’s always a bit different. But, there is truly nothing like an email from a happy bride. Planning a wedding is stressful. Helping to make part of the process go smoothly (and even be fun!) is an honor.

CVA: What three words best describe your work and/or the style of your stationery?

MT: clean, hip, modern

{Striped and Dotted Invitation Suite}

CVA: How would you describe your ideal customer/the couples you design for?

MT: I typically design for brides who have a very clear vision of their day. Because of the nature of my designs, their vision is typically simple, modern and colorful. I do, however, also create custom designs for brides who are unsure of what they want but really like a certain color or flower. That’s always a lot of fun.

CVA: What are some new/emerging trends you’re seeing in wedding stationery?

MT: Watercolor and chalkboard – both of which I have my own take on in my shop!

{Chevron Invitation}

CVA: What advice do you have for couples who are choosing their wedding stationery? What should they have thought about before picking stationery?

MT: I think couples should remember that their invitation is the first “taste” their guests will have of their wedding day. It should be representative of them as a couple as well as the theme of their day. But, I also advise them not to be too literal. It’s okay to use a color that’s not one of the colors or a motif that you don’t intend to literally have at the wedding.

CVA: Any etiquette advice/things to remember about wedding stationery that you can share?

MT: One of the things brides always stress over is the wording at the top of the invitation. Reality: There is no right way! It’s completely up to you and whatever you choose will be beautiful. Don’t feel pressured to write it a certain way. Include the wording and/or people who are meaningful to you as a couple. It’s your day, after all.

{Calligraphy Slant Invitation}

CVA: What is one thing that every bride needs on her wedding day?

MT: Coffee! And a comfortable pair of dancing shoes.

CVA: Do you create custom stationery?

MT: Yes, very often. It’s one of my favorite parts of this business.

CVA: What is/are your favorite piece(s) you’ve created?

MT: I love my Waving Banners Invitation and my Tribal Print Invitation (below). See, again with the black and white.


{Tribal Print Invitation}

CVA: Are you working on anything new or exciting at the moment?

MT: I am preparing for the National Stationery Show in New York next month! I am overjoyed to be a part of such a talented group of curators. I have lots of new ideas and products up my sleeve for the show!

CVA: At IndieWed, we love small and/or alternative wedding businesses. Any fellow indie vendors you’d like to send a shout-out to?

MT: My very favorite wedding photographer (and just all-around awesome person) is Brooke Mousetis of Brooke Courtney Photography. She and her team are a traveling crew of super-talented folks with serious vision. I also have several friends who work for Chancey Charm Weddings, an event and wedding planning team here in the southeast who specialize in personal and truly artistic service.

Thank you, Mattie for spending some time with us and sharing your work! Be sure to visit Puddleduck Paper Co. on Etsy and on their website

Corinne Van Arsdale is a Wedding Coordinator based in Madison, Wisconsin and serving Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago. Check out her website, blogFacebook and Pinterest. If you know of a small business/hand-crafter you’d like to recommend for a feature on Hand-Made Monday, email Corinne at

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Hand-Made Monday: Paper Flowers from This Lovely Day


{Nicole Bieber in her Raleigh, North Carolina studio}

Let’s face it — wedding flowers can be expensive. That reality, combined with the fact that they rarely last longer than the wedding day itself, has caused some creative brides to seek out alternatives to live flowers. One such bride was Nicole Bieber, a crafter-turned Etsy Seller who now sells her paper flower creations in her shop, This Lovely Day, to customers in the U.S. and worldwide.

Nicole’s delicate paper flowers come in all sizes and colors, and can be used for bouquets, boutonnieres, table decorations and much, much more (I’m imagining a large paper-flower ceremony back-drop installation…) — not to mention the fact that since they do not die, they can make great home decorations long after the wedding is over! Nicole was kind enough to answer some of my questions about her work.

{Paper Flower Bouquet in Jade}

CV: How did you get started making your paper creations?

NB: I have always loved crafting and handmade decorations.  My husband and I got married last June.  We had a very small wedding and wanted all of our decorations to be handmade.  I created paper decorations for our wedding that we now display in our home. Our wedding was totally handmade — anything we didn’t make was from an Etsy shop owner.  I loved it and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.


{Large Paper Flower Bouquet in Yellow}

CV: Where do you draw inspiration for your work?

NB: I enjoy browsing scrap stores to look for paper with interesting patterns or textures or old wallpaper.  I also like to read wedding blogs to find interesting color schemes that I want to use in my work.

CV: What are some of your favorite materials/types of paper to work with?

NB: I like to use heavy weight paper because it makes the flowers sturdy.  It is important to me to create bouquets that will last.  I also really like the look that textured paper gives to the flowers.

CV: What five words best describe your work?

NB: Handmade, Unique, Colorful, Creative, Fun

{Multi-Color Paper Flower Bouquet}

CV: What’s your favorite part of being a designer/creative artist in the wedding industry?

NB: I get to work with customers from all over the world to create beautiful bouquets.  I love hearing how my customers are using their flowers, helping them decide on what colors to use in their bridal bouquets, or creating a totally custom order for someone who has a very specific vision.

CV: What are some new/emerging trends you’re seeing in paper products at weddings?

NB: I have been getting a lot of requests for peach, cream, and tangerine colored flowers for weddings.  I’ve also made lots of paper flower boutonnieres which I love.


{Bulk Paper Flowers}

CV: Are you working on any new projects?

NB: I currently have solid colored flowers in my Etsy shop.  I am finishing up some flowers made out of patterned wallpaper and some flowers made out of book pages.

CV: What are some of the most creative ways you’ve seen your flowers/creations used?

NB: I had an order for 100 paper flowers that were going to be used to decorate the children’s wing in a hospital.  I’ve also seen them given out as wedding favors.


{Multi-Color Paper Flower Bouquet}

CV: Do you create custom pieces?

NB: Absolutely!  Most of my work is custom.  I have found that most of my customers are ordering for a very specific occasion and have different requests.  Each piece is made completely by hand once I receive an order.

CV: What is/are your favorite piece(s) you’ve created?

NB: I recently made some very bright yellow, jade green and coral bridesmaids bouquets that were so fun!  I loved the colors.

CV: Thanks, Nicole for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Be sure to visit Nicole’s Etsy Shop and Blog!

Corinne Van Arsdale is a Wedding Coordinator based in Madison, Wisconsin and serving Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago. Check out her website, blog, Facebook and Pinterest. If you know of a small business/hand-crafter you’d like to recommend for a feature on Handmade Monday, email Corinne at

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A Paint Chip Wedding

via Superhero Journal

Howdy.  We are in the midst of repainting much of our house and have piles and piles of paint chips.  I have always loved them and have even used them in my artwork.  When people come to me for their invitations or paper goods, I often tell them to visit the paint section of the home improvement store.  Often it is a great place to find just the perfect shade(s) you want for your wedding.  Sometimes one person’s idea of “Bubblegum Pink” or “Robin’s Egg Blue” is different than another person’s.  So grab that paint chip and hand them out to your florist, baker, printer, bridal party or anyone else who might need some specific color guidance.

Beyond using paint chips as a helpful planning tool, I think it would be so fun to incorporate paint chips into your wedding decor.  They can be used to match any color palette and the best part… they are free!

Here are some ideas to inspire you to incorporate paint chips into your big day.  Have any ideas we missed?  Add them in the comments below.

tutorial via Hey Gorgeous

I love this paint chip chandelier from Hey Gorgeous.  These would look lovely hanging above each table or by creating a larger one as a focal point above the dessert table or ceremony spot?

via Once Wed
via La’Di Events

One way to get your guests to their table is by creating paint chip escort cards.  Using single or multi-colored chips, cut them into your desired shape, write out the names and display.  If you are using a calligrapher, give them the chips ahead of time.  Also, large, uncut chips can go through most printers (I would suggest a laser printer) so you can be consistent with the fonts from your invitations and other printed goods.

via My Hands Made It

Here is a great tutorial for a laser printed place card, napkin holder.  I love the vintage napkin & tablecloth in this photo as well.  Veronica from My Hands Made It, originally crafted these as a place cards for a housewarming party.  She also created this hand fan for the same party but wouldn’t this ben even more perfect as a paddle fan program for a summer time wedding?

via My Hands Made It

Don’t send your guest home empty handed.  Pass out these adorable favor boxes topped with a paint chip name tag.  Adorable!

via Real Simple

Once the wedding is over and the sparkly dust has settled, announce the address of your new nest with these adorable moving announcements.  Design them on your computer, runt them through your printer, address, stamp, and voila!

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Don’t fret if you aren’t very crafty, there are hundreds of paint-chip related goods on Etsy .  Everything from garlands to earrings to paper lanterns.  There are dozens of artists around that would happily help you create your perfect paint-chip wedding decor.

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Hello! I’m Steel Petal Press

Rustic Fall Wedding InvitationsMy name is Shayna and I’m the one -woman show behind Steel Petal Press.   I am dedicated to making high quality custom letterpress invitations and announcements with an edge for modern and less conventional brides.  I understand that every couple is different and every wedding has its own personality. I am here to help create a wedding invitation set that perfectly matches the couple and their vision for their special day.

I’m really excited to be back at Indie Wed again this year.  Alternative wedding planning is something that I have personal experience with and that I feel strongly about.  Below is a post adapted from something I recently wrote on my own blog about alternative wedding planning, and I why I love weddings :)  …..

One thing I read that stuck with me while planning my own wedding was to be true to yourself and make sure your wedding is a reflection of you.  It’s so easy to get caught up in reading all the bridal magazines filled with advertisements and images of “ideal weddings.”  But in reality everyone is different and there is not one right way to do anything.

For me, I was a *very* reluctant bride.  I did not want to wear a big white gown, nor did I want to walk down an isle.  In fact, at the time, I would have rather eloped in Vegas or had a City Hall wedding, but hubby-to-be really wanted the big celebration.

Please don’t get me wrong.. I absolutely LOVE weddings; I love attending friends’ weddings, witnessing their vows, I love the romance of it,  I love the dancing, the party, (the open bar) I love getting dressed up, and I love all the attention to detail that goes into the design and planning of the events.  (There’s a reason I’m in the wedding industry after all..) It’s just I had never pictured myself in the role of the bride, so the idea of being one felt false to me. But there was no way around it, I WAS a bride, just not a typical bride.

And, to be totally honest, looking back on the day, I’m really glad we spent the time to gather our friends and family together to witness our vows and to help celebrate the momentous occasion.  I realize it IS one of the most important days of your life, so why not create a celebration around it to reflect it’s significance?  Several years later I still  look back on the photos from the day and I feel happy knowing I married a wonderful man and we will be together forever.. (aah, sigh.. the cheese)

Anyways, to make a long rambling story short.. I am here because I 100% relate to brides and couples who love the idea of weddings and marriage but don’t want to take the typical route. I also totally understand the love of weddings, because really, I do love  weddings.

More important than being either alternative or traditional a wedding should be a reflection of the couple getting married.  This is something I felt strongly about when planning my own wedding and something I keep in sight when creating invitations for other people’s weddings.  It feels great knowing I can help contribute to help make a couple’s big day really special.  And it’s great that events like Indie Wed exist to showcase there’s more than one way to get married.

You learn about me more on these site:
Here’s a link to my website: