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Indie Wed is Hiring!

Indie Wed is hiring

6/2/2013 Update: We have received a lot of applications but are still taking more for the Blog Contributor and the Event Staff positions.  Attention all you fans of weddings, small businesses, and overall indie goodness… Indie Wed is expanding our little family and we need you to make that happen.  I’m looking for someone(s) to fill a variety of roles within Indie Wed.  My ideal candidates are creative and smart with a knowledge and passion for all the things Indie Wed encompasses (weddings, supporting small businesses, marriage equality, etc).  I’d like to find someone who is detail-oriented, well-spoken, can work independently but enjoys input and collaboration.

Positions available:

Blog Contributor(s) – Contribute regularly (bi-weekly, monthly etc) to the blog with topics we come up with together.  Would love to find a variety of “experts” in various fields to contribute columns relating to your interests.  These can include DIY projects, stationery, special events, wedding industry updates etc… Anything of interest to brides and grooms as well as wedding vendors.  Proficiency with writing is required.  This is a non-paid position but will be a good opportunity for exposure (especially if you are in the wedding industry).  Remote position with flexible hours.

PR Coordinator – Contact media outlets with press releases related to our various events.  Must have good communication skills and experience in PR is a huge bonus.  Knowledge of wedding media outlets is also a plus.  This position is seasonal in the few months prior to each event.   Seasonal, paid position with flexible hours.  Work remotely from home though knowledge of local Chicago area media is a bonus.

Advertising & Sales Manager – Responsible for managing sales for online web ads, print ads, and membership in our online directory.  Researching and scouting potential vendors with an eye towards those businesses that fit within the mission and brand of Indie Wed. Preference towards someone in the wedding industry or with a passion and knowledge for all things weddings.  Professional and courteous communication skills a must.  Experience with WordPress is a bonus.  This position is remote, paid, part time (about 5-10 hours a week) with flexible hours.  Some availability during regular business hours may be necessary from time to time. 

Special Event Staff – Hands on help at our actual events in Chicago. This includes everything from registration to vendor set up.  Looking for energetic people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and do it all with a smile on their face.  The live events are fast paced but are a blast.  A positive attitude and a good work ethic are a must.  Position may be for one day here and there at our live events but possibly include travel to other events and more.  A good way to get your foot in the door.  Paid, part time position. Seasonal, dependent upon our upcoming live events.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email us at by May 24th ongoing with the position(s) you are interested in, as the subject heading.  Please include a brief personal bio (including hobbies and interests) along with answers to the following questions:

1. Your 3 top blogs (wedding or non-wedding are fine) and why

2. Your current favorite wedding or design trend

3. Some of your favorite indie artisans or vendors (they don’t have to be wedding specific)

All positions require access to a personal computer.  No equipment is provided. Residents of the United States and Canada are welcome to apply.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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A Year in Review for Reenie Rose

Phew, we made it through the first week of 2012.

For the past couple of weeks, everyone has been reminiscing about the past year while preparing for the year ahead of us.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t doing the same.  This week has been about analyzing, reviewing and planning for 2012…and Indie Wed especially.  The thing is, we can’t help but look back on the past in order to plan for our future.  That being said, I am going to do my part and pay gratitude to all that made 2011 possible for Reenie Rose….it only seems right and a form of good karma for 2012.

So, here’s a year in review for Reenie Rose:


Kara & Mike

Florist:  Kehoe Designs

Photographer:  Rick Aguilar



 Rachel & Jason



Carrie & Bill

Florist: Event Creative

Photographer:  Studio This Is



Kelly & Andrew

Florist: Grapevine Floral



Paula Jean &  Brian

Florist:  Kehoe Designs

Photographer:   Stuart Rodgers Photography 



Laura & D.R.

Florist:  Elegant Creations

Photographer:   Brad Photographers and Video 



 Maureen & Kevin

Florist: Pistil and Vine

Photographer:  Darcy Demmel Photography



Sarah & Ernest

Florist: Blumen Design

Photographer:  Jaclyn Simpson Photography



 The paintings are lovely, but the vendors I work with are fantastic.  The people I continue to surround myself with are the ones that are helping to build Reenie Rose to it’s potential.

Just think, by the end of this year, I’ll have completed a full calendar’s worth…and then some.  2013 Reenie Rose calendars….I like that idea.  Is it too early to place orders?



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Another Gift for the Season

So Christmas is coming a little late in the Reenie Rose camp.  It’s the holiday season, so why not extend gift giving a little bit longer than December 25th.

First off, I have to introduce you to the photographer behind the camera that captured Sarah and Ernest’s wedding day this past October.  A new find for me, Jaclyn Simpson is a photographer that I can’t wait to get to know better.  We already have so much in common….good food, traveling, and art!

1.  How long have you been in  business?  
Four years (give or take)

2.   Toot your own horn….what’s your specialty?  
Weddings and Portraits

3.  Who or what are your  favorite subjects to photograph….your dream photo session? 
I love to photograph people. I also really enjoy photographing great details and styled photo shoots.

4.  What do you like about working in the  wedding industry?  
I love that I am able to be a part of one of the happiest days in my clients’ lives. I also love the community of  professionals and vendors in the wedding industry.

5.  When  you are not working, what are you up to?
Enjoying good food and friends in Chicago or traveling.

6.  Anything new and exciting  coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)   
I am in the process of starting a completely separate  and exciting new brand just for portraits.

Definitely pay Jaclyn a little visit at


And now for the big unveiling…here is Sarah and Ernest’s painting….completed!!!

There wasn’t anyone out there willing to take a bold stab at the hour count on this one, so I’ll give in…..a whopping 63 hours!!!  I couldn’t believe it either!  Quality takes time.

Speaking of time, don’t forget that you have until December 31, 2011 to book a painting at the 2011 prices.  Paintings will be going up next year, so don’t wait…treat yourself to a late Christmas gift!  You know you deserve it!



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A Painting with a Plan

There are so many great people that go into making a bouquet painting, and Sarah and Ernest’s is no exception.  Even though I am the only one creating the actual painting, there is a whole team responsible for what comes out on the canvas.  The most important part in Sarah and Ernest’s creation is the gracious referral from team leader Hilary Schwartz of Estera Events.

If there’s any part of a wedding that I recommend the most (besides a fabulous florist), it is hiring a planner.  I can’t imagine relying on a family friend or, heaven forbid, my mom, to make sure everything is in tip top shape the day of my hypothetical wedding.  Put it all in the hands of the professional and let the guests enjoy.  I’ve played the part of the consultant before, and there is nothing like the joy you feel when you bring complete calm and assurance over what can be the most important and stressful day in a couple’s life.  Hilary is one of those people that easily makes you feel this peace when you are in her presence….imagine what she could do for your wedding day!


1.  How long have you been in business?

I started Estera Events in February of 2010, after working the previous 9 years as both an Interior Designer and Floral Designer.

2.  Toot your own horn….what’s your specialty?

Given my background, I love to help my clients create a conceptual direction for their event that suits their personalities and budget. We are involved in every single element to ensure a cohesive vision. We also design and produce details for the bride such as personalized Welcome Bags for the guests, innovative Escort Card displays and unique Place Setting embellishments at the table.

3.  What would be your dream event creation?

My dream isn’t so much for a particular event; rather, I am excited about fulfilling my dream of increasing Estera Events’ presence on the West Coast. Ultimately, I’d also like to do more exotic destination weddings–especially during Chicago winters!

4.  Wedding trend you love and one you’d like to see disappear?

I love the return to traditional details such as the ‘send off’ at the end of the evening. As far as a trend I’d like to see disappear–well, I have an aversion to tented escort cards. We always try to push the boundaries and make things a bit more interesting for our couples.

5.  Craziest request you’ve had?

We’re currently working with a bride who has requested a ‘Tennessee Circus, Betty Paige meets Mumford and Sons’ theme for her wedding next year. Sounds crazy – but we love it!!

6.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry?

Aside from designing and creating the quintessential wedding day for a couple, I really appreciate the camaraderie among the vendors in this industry. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by so many talented and supportive individuals.

7.   When you are not working, what are you up to?

When am I not working! I have to admit, I love my job and don’t feel like it’s all work! When I do take time off, however, I enjoy traveling – particularly to the Bed and Breakfast owned by my family in Missouri (Inn at Clover Hill).

8.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)

Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day event in late January, an exclusive dinner party in February, and not to mention all of our fabulous 2012 weddings!

 Thank you so much Hilary!!!  Eeee!  I can’t wait to see what Estera Events has in store for 2012!  Be sure to visit her at

And now for the painting update….

There are more to come…..


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A Blumen Bouquet Painting

It’s been gloomy all weekend, but I’ve found it to be the perfect weather to put up my Christmas decorations and start another painting.

You’ll remember the beautiful bouquet that Blumen created for Sarah and Ernest’s fall wedding that Estera Events coordinated….


Welp, Sarah and Ernest have chosen a composition…and I love it!

Isn’t this a lovely representation of Sarah’s bouquet….especially in a 20 x 20 inch format?



Lots of great updates to come about this one….



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Welcome to our new site!

Well after nearly 9 months of work, welcome to our brand new site.  I wanted to overhaul the new site with both a fresh new look and more functionality to focus on the direction Indie Wed was heading.  While there is still a lot to beef up, like the directory & blog, I hope you will find the new features useful and the overall site, easier to navigate.

Eventually my hope is that the directory will become a national resource for all your Indie Wed needs.  If you are or know of a vendor who would be perfect for our directory, please contact us.

The blog will work a little differently than most of the blogs you are used to.  Rather than just one or two authors at Indie Wed telling you what we think you should read, the blog will be community based with posts coming for a variety of contributors from our current event’s list of vendors to those in our directory.  Also, unlike a lot of popular blogs, we don’t make people pay for editorial coverage.  We simply share what we like and are inspired by.

I hope you enjoy the changes and you start to look around the site.