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Another Gift for the Season

So Christmas is coming a little late in the Reenie Rose camp.  It’s the holiday season, so why not extend gift giving a little bit longer than December 25th.

First off, I have to introduce you to the photographer behind the camera that captured Sarah and Ernest’s wedding day this past October.  A new find for me, Jaclyn Simpson is a photographer that I can’t wait to get to know better.  We already have so much in common….good food, traveling, and art!

1.  How long have you been in  business?  
Four years (give or take)

2.   Toot your own horn….what’s your specialty?  
Weddings and Portraits

3.  Who or what are your  favorite subjects to photograph….your dream photo session? 
I love to photograph people. I also really enjoy photographing great details and styled photo shoots.

4.  What do you like about working in the  wedding industry?  
I love that I am able to be a part of one of the happiest days in my clients’ lives. I also love the community of  professionals and vendors in the wedding industry.

5.  When  you are not working, what are you up to?
Enjoying good food and friends in Chicago or traveling.

6.  Anything new and exciting  coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)   
I am in the process of starting a completely separate  and exciting new brand just for portraits.

Definitely pay Jaclyn a little visit at


And now for the big unveiling…here is Sarah and Ernest’s painting….completed!!!

There wasn’t anyone out there willing to take a bold stab at the hour count on this one, so I’ll give in…..a whopping 63 hours!!!  I couldn’t believe it either!  Quality takes time.

Speaking of time, don’t forget that you have until December 31, 2011 to book a painting at the 2011 prices.  Paintings will be going up next year, so don’t wait…treat yourself to a late Christmas gift!  You know you deserve it!



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Real Wedding: Ashley & Mark

After posting an adorable engagement shoot the other day, I wanted to end the year with this super sweet real wedding courtesy of Gaby J Photography.  She recently shot the Las Vegas backyard wedding of Ashley & Mark and I wanted to share some of the lovely personal touches.

I think sometimes during wedding planning, people can lose sight of the big picture… getting married.  Instead you are focused on registries and head counts and it can be overwhelming for many brides and/or grooms.  This couple kept is simple, got thrifty, and in the end had a very meaning and personal day.

Ashley made all the decorations herself using inspiration from various wedding blogs.  She used a mix of thrifted lace, vellum, felt and anything else she could get a hold of.

From Ashley, “For months and months, I scoured every thrift store in town searching for vintage floral dinner plates and dessert plates, vintage lace table cloths, doilies, mugs, thermoses, platters, jars, and vases!  It was a lot of work, but it turned out exactly as I planned and in the end, saved a ton of money! ”  One tip from Ashley… she found lace table cloths to be really expensive but found several lace curtains that were much more affordable.  Getting clever, she just layered them onto a plain colored table cloth and voila!  Beautifully covered tables with change to spare.

Ashley said her favorite crafty creation was the mason jar drinking glasses.  She bought chalkboard contact paper (we found some here) and cut them into cute little labels.  Chalk markers (less messy than regular chalk) were placed on the tables so people could write their names on their jars.

To fill their vintage mugs and tea cups, they served hot water for tea, hot cocoa, and warm apple cider in retro pump thermoses.  They had agave syrup, marshmallows, apple slices, and cinnamon sticks as garnishes.  Ashley said this was a big hit!

Another quirky aspect was the totally vintage feel of the images.  Gaby loves vintage cameras, polaroids, and isn’t afraid of light leaks or sunflare.  If it fits the tone of your wedding, feel free to hire a photographer that embraces the past.

I also love how Ashley & Mark’s whimsical tastes extended to the bridal party.  Look at these adorable gals. (I own mustard yellow tights too and LOVE them!).  It is nice to see each bridesmaid able to express her own style.

Congratulations to Ashley & Mark!  Thank you for letting us share your wedding and to Gaby for sending these our way.  Ashley also has her own Etsy shop where she sells many of the things she makes.  If you aren’t very crafty but like her decorations, you may be able to hire her for your own wedding decor.

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Rustic Travel Inspired Engagement Session

As a part of the new Indie Wed blog, I want to feature real weddings and engagement shoots from around the country.  We are starting off the new year with an adorable photo session by Austin based photographer Love Caryn Photography.  The cute couple, Marianne & Kyle, live in College Station, TX while Kyle works on his PhD.  Marianne hails from Colorado while Kyle is an Illinois boy at heart, this twosome wanted to show their love of travel in this engagement shoot.

TIP: When taking engagement photos, make sure you talk with your photographer about your style, interests, etc so that you have a photo session that embodies who you are as a couple.  You don’t want to look back on your photos and feel like they were forced or you were playing a part that just wasn’t you.  Fortunately for Marianne & Kyle, they had a photographer who really wanted to capture their fun, quirky personality along with their love for traveling.


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Windy City Pin Up


We at Windy City Pin Up are so very excited to attend our first Indie Wed in just a few short weeks. We are a vintage pin up duo composed of: Ashlee (Owner.Photographer.Stylist) & Laura (Partner.Hair.Make-up.Finishes)  We are a bit more than enthralled with all things vintage and when we started our business had a relatively simple mission: 

A dedication to transforming everyday women into timeless beauties. We are inspired by all that is classic, romantic, sexy, playful and coy. Encouraged by curves and the inherent allure that every woman possesses. Committed to create for you, an experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

And while each and every one of our clients are amazing and unique, one client base we never expected to be so vast and enjoyable are all the brides-to-be that come our way. Whether it’s a boudoir session to surprise their groom with on their big day, the classic pin-up calendar they’ve always wanted to share or a pin-up themed bachelorette party with their favorite girls, we adore our brides and can’t wait to meet so many of you soon. Be sure to stop by our booth or sign up for our burlesque/strip tease class.

We are currently offering 25% off all gift cards through the holidays, as well as discounts on our 2011 calendars and bookings are open for our heavily discounted Valentines Day theme shoot! Contact us or visit our website for details.

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by Tom Buttaccio | XO Pictures

XO Pictures is an “INDIE” film studio, run by my wife, Jenny, and I. After a few people we recently spoke with asked us what “INDIE” really meant, I decided to Vlog on the idea of – – – “INDIE.” Check it out…

* * * UPDATE (for those who care to go a bit deeper into some film theory):

Even though Alfred Hitchcock was part of the monstrous Hollywood Studio System, he stands out as unique and extremely original.  He was indeed a true “AUTEUR,” and always found a way to put himself into his films (both figuratively and literally). His fingerprint is left on all the films that he created. The idea that Hitchcock was actually an “INDIE,” though, is actually quite a stretch. I simply used Hitchcock because his name and films are recognizable. For those who might care, film directors like François Truffaut or Jean-Luc Godard would have been even better examples of “INDIES.” The correlation between “INDIE” and “AUTEUR” that I was tryng to make was that of artistic integrity and “voice.”

To grasp the idea of “INDIE” even better, one can look to the world of music for examples of thousands of musicians who became fed up with huge corporations telling artists what their art should sound like. Anyway -the idea that the “INDIVIDUAL” can flourish without necessarily needing to be part of a large, over-controlling system…this is the “INDIE” idea.