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Artist Spotlight: Mineralogy

At Indie Wed, I am always excited to get in contact with people I’ve never met or businesses I’ve never heard of.  I think it is what keeps Indie Wed fresh and exciting.  Well today I got an email from a lovely gal Theresa, a Chicago based jeweler and I must say… I am totally obsessed with her company, Mineralogy!


These are some of the prettiest rings I have seen in a while and would make a perfect engagement ring for the most unique bride. The work feels very raw, like it was just plucked right from the quarry, with perfectly imperfect diamond alternatives incased in hammered metal.  Mineralogy makes rings, necklaces, earrings and even wall hangings, with subdued colors and just enough sparkle.  According to their blog, apparently they are also delving into the world of “fine jewelry, diamonds, and custom engagement rings”.


Can you believe that little crown ring? Isn’t it just the sweetest thing ever? Pieces start at $50 and can be purchased through their Etsy shop or directly through their website. Have a peek. Any one of her pieces would be perfect for the modern bride!  What is your favorite piece?

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Hand-Made Monday – Delicate Lace Jewelry by Branch

Happy Hand-Made Monday, friends! Today’s featured hand-maker is Sarah Louise Walker, the Chicago-based creator of Branchbound. Sarah creates the most lovely lace accessories — including jewelry, belts and headpieces. These lovely, delicate pieces would go great with a simple, feminine gowns or make perfect bridesmaid gifts, don’t you agree?

{Mint Lace Necklace}

{Victorian Lace Earrings}

{Lace Bracelet}

{Lavender Lace Necklace}

{Mirrored Leaves Sash}

{Silver Lace Earrings}

Corinne Van Arsdale is a Wedding Coordinator based in Madison, Wisconsin and serving Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago. Check out her website, blogFacebook and Pinterest. If you know of a small business/hand-crafter you’d like to recommend for a feature on Hand-Made Monday, email Corinne at

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Hand-Made Monday: Wearable Art by Meghann Rader

{Meghann’s Studio — Image via Etsy}

Happy Hand-Made Monday! Today’s hand-made treasures come to us all the way from the wilderness of Vancouver, British Columbia, where artist Meghann Rader draws inspiration for her landscape jewelry from the beauty of her surroundings. Wouldn’t these watercolor necklaces make phenomenal bridesmaids’ gifts for an outdoor, woodland wedding? I’m in love!

MeghannRader 1

{Large Mountain Necklace In Pink & Graphite}

MeghannRader 2

{Grove Necklace in Lunar Blue & Graphite}

{Stellar Jay Necklace in Blue & Graphite}

{Canopy Necklace in Perylene Green & Graphite}

Which is your favorite? {I’m a bit infatuated with the Grove Necklace!} Be sure to stop by Meghann’s Etsy Shop and Website to check out more of her incredible, wilderness-inspired creations!

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Ring Finger Reasoning

I may be the only one who doesn’t know this little tale from the Chinese that tells the story of why we traditionally put our wedding rings on our fourth finger.  Just in case you have never heard this either, I thought I’d share.  It is just a sweet little story.  (I tried to locate some historical background on the story but sadly all I could find were posts alluding to a Chinese story)

photo via here

photo via here

Your thumb represents your Parents.
Your index finger represents your Siblings.
Your middle finger represents Yourself.
Your ring finger represents your Life Partner.
Your last (pinkie) finger represents your Children.

Try this little experiment.  Open your hands, palm to palm, and bend the middle fingers, touching them together, back to back.  Next take the remaining fingers and put them together fingertip to fingertip.  Like this…

photo source

With the rest of your fingers still together, try to separate your thumbs (representing your parents).  They will open because you are not destined to live forever with your parents.  Now put those back together.

Try to do the same with your index fingers (siblings).  Those two will open because your siblings will have their own lives and families.  Again, join those fingers back together.

Now try your pinkie fingers (children).  Those too will separate because your children will eventually grow up and start their own families.  Join the pinkies together again.

Lastly, try to separate your ring fingers (representing your spouse).  You simply can’t open them because the story goes… you and your spouse are meant to remain together your whole lives.  Sweet huh!

Now there is a scientific reason that this works, having to do with the nerves in your hand, yadda yadda.  But we prefer to suspend disbelief and assume it is simply because of that lovely little tale.

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Recently some folks over at a site called JewelMint contacted me about getting involved with Indie Wed.  When I looked into the site more, I thought it was pretty interesting.  JewelMint started in 2010 as a collaboration between actress Kate Bosworth, and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter.  It is actually one of the brands owned by BeachMint. Their 6 brands also include Justin Timberlake’s HomeMint and Rachel Bilson’s ShoeMint.  

JewelMint Logo

Each of these sites are meant to be a more personalized online shopping experience tailored to your tastes and style.  They are also a type of membership/subscription service.  When you join JewelMint, you take a quick quiz that determines your style profile.  From there you are shown selections that match your style profile.  You can choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.  All pieces are created specifically for JewelMint and can’t be purchased anywhere else.  Better yet, everything on the site is $29.99.  Each month a new collection is released.  All the pieces are limited editions so if you see something you like, snap it up or it might sell out.

At the beginning of the month, if you don’t like any of the selections, you can just skip that month with a click of your mouse.  If you forget to ‘skip the month’ you do get charged a $29.99 fee but that turns into a credit you can use later.  However, if you decide it isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership with a simple email or phone call.  Easy peasy.

Looking at the site I found several pieces that I thought could be lovely bridal pieces for a more modern gal.  Then there is the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, bridesmaid gifts and so on.  Really you could take care of your entire accessories ‘wardrobe’ in one fell swoop.

Now what does this have to do with Indie Wed?  Well the folks at JewelMint are so sure that our guests will love their jewelry that they are sending us a big box chock full of gift cards to hand out at Indie Wed.  We will be passing them out all day to attendees as they enter the show!  Hooray.  So what is better that stylish and affordable jewelry?  Stylish and free jewelry!  Yet one more reason to head on over to Indie Wed this coming Saturday.