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Searching for Handmade Flair for Festivities?


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Aloha!  My name is Stephanie Fontaine & I’m the person behind Clark & Diversey, a small local business.  My company features one-of-a-kind handmade flair for festivities, including head pieces, flower fascinators, dress adornments & accessories influenced by adventures abroad (my goal is to travel to as many countries as my age) and my swanky hometown of Chicago.  Many goodies are created from eco-friendly fabric, luxurious scrap material from bridal gowns & cruelty-free feathers.  Clark & Diversey creates handmade flair fit for any festivity.

Since tying the knot at our July 2010 destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, I’m partial to collaborating with brides-to-be on an original, custom creation for the big day.  We’re overjoyed to once again be a part of IndieWed – the most fabulously creative bridal event, period.  For the first 50 couples in line tomorrow, you’ll snag an amazing reusable, silkscreened swag bag filled to the brim with some spectacular goodies from many of the talented IndieWed vendors!  Here’s a sneak peek of Clark & Diversey’s swag treats:


Check out Clark & Diversey’s blog next week for the full reveal.  Looking forward to meeting y’all this weekend!

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Hello! I’m Steel Petal Press

Rustic Fall Wedding InvitationsMy name is Shayna and I’m the one -woman show behind Steel Petal Press.   I am dedicated to making high quality custom letterpress invitations and announcements with an edge for modern and less conventional brides.  I understand that every couple is different and every wedding has its own personality. I am here to help create a wedding invitation set that perfectly matches the couple and their vision for their special day.

I’m really excited to be back at Indie Wed again this year.  Alternative wedding planning is something that I have personal experience with and that I feel strongly about.  Below is a post adapted from something I recently wrote on my own blog about alternative wedding planning, and I why I love weddings :)  …..

One thing I read that stuck with me while planning my own wedding was to be true to yourself and make sure your wedding is a reflection of you.  It’s so easy to get caught up in reading all the bridal magazines filled with advertisements and images of “ideal weddings.”  But in reality everyone is different and there is not one right way to do anything.

For me, I was a *very* reluctant bride.  I did not want to wear a big white gown, nor did I want to walk down an isle.  In fact, at the time, I would have rather eloped in Vegas or had a City Hall wedding, but hubby-to-be really wanted the big celebration.

Please don’t get me wrong.. I absolutely LOVE weddings; I love attending friends’ weddings, witnessing their vows, I love the romance of it,  I love the dancing, the party, (the open bar) I love getting dressed up, and I love all the attention to detail that goes into the design and planning of the events.  (There’s a reason I’m in the wedding industry after all..) It’s just I had never pictured myself in the role of the bride, so the idea of being one felt false to me. But there was no way around it, I WAS a bride, just not a typical bride.

And, to be totally honest, looking back on the day, I’m really glad we spent the time to gather our friends and family together to witness our vows and to help celebrate the momentous occasion.  I realize it IS one of the most important days of your life, so why not create a celebration around it to reflect it’s significance?  Several years later I still  look back on the photos from the day and I feel happy knowing I married a wonderful man and we will be together forever.. (aah, sigh.. the cheese)

Anyways, to make a long rambling story short.. I am here because I 100% relate to brides and couples who love the idea of weddings and marriage but don’t want to take the typical route. I also totally understand the love of weddings, because really, I do love  weddings.

More important than being either alternative or traditional a wedding should be a reflection of the couple getting married.  This is something I felt strongly about when planning my own wedding and something I keep in sight when creating invitations for other people’s weddings.  It feels great knowing I can help contribute to help make a couple’s big day really special.  And it’s great that events like Indie Wed exist to showcase there’s more than one way to get married.

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