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Real Wedding: Shannon & Joe

With all the weddings that I have been involved with, through matching couples to vendors at an event, designing invitations through Paper Stories, or highlighting weddings here, there are few that are as special to me personally as this one.  This next wedding is one of my favorites for many reasons.  1.It is one I actually had the honor of attending.  2.Many of the vendors involved are Indie Wed alum and have become friends.  3.The couple, Joe & Shannon, are two of my most favorite people in the whole world!  If Shannon looks familiar it is because over the last few years she has been a great help with the Indie Wed events and someone I couldn’t have done without.

Photographer, Colin Lyons, sent over the photos for this November 2011 wedding which took place at Salvage One.  It is always great to see Colin and I loved seeing him in action, snapping away.  You may have had a chance to see more of his work at the last Indie Wed event where he was a vendor.  Shannon & Joe were married downstairs at this architectural salvage warehouse among a sky of chandeliers, pillars and beautiful carved pews for the guests.  A close friend of the couple was ordained just so he could marry them.  It was so special for everyone involved and equally special to witness.  The ceremony was touching but just like the couple, filled with lots of joy and laughs too.

The wedding party looked absolutely stunning.  The bridesmaids had these wonderful Jenny Yoo dresses.  The colors for the wedding were a mix of yellows and grays and while everyone coordinated, they each had their own sense of individuality.  It is hard to tell in a photo but all the dresses, especially Shannon’s, were gorgeous.

One thing about Shannon and Joe I loved, was that they really wanted to really make the event personal.  They had so many whimsical and handmade touches, from the invites that Shannon designed and we printed on my antique letterpress (she actually learned fast and did most of the printing herself!), to the ring pillow in the shape of their beloved Weimaraner Walter, to the couple’s friend who crafted all the beer for their cocktail hour.  After the ceremony everyone mingled downstairs during cocktails and appetizers while the upstairs was being set.

As guests filtered upstairs, they were treated to a hodge-podge of all sorts of awesomeness.  All the mismatched tables and chairs came from Salvage One’s current collection and filled the space beautifully.  It was exciting to walk around, wondering what sort of table you might end up at… the antique farm table or the retro Formica one?  Either way, you weren’t disappointed.  Lynn from Pollen created some amazing arrangements which were organic and unfussy… each one different yet complimenting it’s surroundings.  She used a mix of yellows and greens, some in vases, some tucked in terrariums.

One of the most wonderful things to see at the reception were the vintage mismatched china, awaiting each person as they sat down.  When I first met Shannon she had mentioned this idea she (and her maid of honor Sarah-shown giving speech above) had about collecting vintage china.  Both of the girls were getting married at the end of 2011 and really loved the idea of using the china at their weddings.  Since they couldn’t find any local sources that rented mismatched china they started their collection.  What they also realized was that there were probably other brides who also shared their love for rescued crockery and so they started Plate: Vintage Crockery Rental & Rescue.   So in addition to planning two weddings last year, they also began renting out their pieces to couples all over the country.  (Did you know they have to handwash each plate because of their delicate nature?)  Knowing how hard these gals (and their spouses) have worked on this business, getting to see the end result in action was breathtaking.

Everything about the reception was lovely.  The food was so yummy.  As a vegetarian, sometimes we get stuck with just a few side dishes at receptions but Shannon made sure every guest had enough to eat.  All the food was terrific, seasonal, and belly-warming.  My favorite part of dinner was the speeches.  They were so touching and totally had me tearing up.  They were funny, poignant, and memorable.  After dinner, we made our way to the dessert stations for cupcakes, coffee, and pie pops!  There is nothing better than a personal, seasonal pecan pie on a stick!  When bellies were full, everyone worked it off on the dance floor.  This couple has some serious moves!  Shannon’s dad also built an adorable photo booth backdrop and Colin had it set up so people could pose and snap away.  Shannon & Joe provided plenty of props and smiles too.

I am just over the moon thrilled for this couple and am happy to show just a few of the wonderful images from the evening.  Aren’t they just adorable?

Hair Stylist:  Tsubo Salon
 Maison Cuisine
Favors and Gifts:  The Left Bank
Floral Designer:  Pollen
Reception Venue:  Salvage One
Cinema and Video:  One Fine Day Productions
Dress Designer:  Jenny Yoo Collection
Cake Designer:  Molly’s Cupcakes
Lighting:  Art of Imagination
Makeup Artist:  Nika Vaughan, Makeup Artist
Tuxedo and Mens Attire:  Frederick Lynn Haberdasshere
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Real Wedding: Ashley & Mark

After posting an adorable engagement shoot the other day, I wanted to end the year with this super sweet real wedding courtesy of Gaby J Photography.  She recently shot the Las Vegas backyard wedding of Ashley & Mark and I wanted to share some of the lovely personal touches.

I think sometimes during wedding planning, people can lose sight of the big picture… getting married.  Instead you are focused on registries and head counts and it can be overwhelming for many brides and/or grooms.  This couple kept is simple, got thrifty, and in the end had a very meaning and personal day.

Ashley made all the decorations herself using inspiration from various wedding blogs.  She used a mix of thrifted lace, vellum, felt and anything else she could get a hold of.

From Ashley, “For months and months, I scoured every thrift store in town searching for vintage floral dinner plates and dessert plates, vintage lace table cloths, doilies, mugs, thermoses, platters, jars, and vases!  It was a lot of work, but it turned out exactly as I planned and in the end, saved a ton of money! ”  One tip from Ashley… she found lace table cloths to be really expensive but found several lace curtains that were much more affordable.  Getting clever, she just layered them onto a plain colored table cloth and voila!  Beautifully covered tables with change to spare.

Ashley said her favorite crafty creation was the mason jar drinking glasses.  She bought chalkboard contact paper (we found some here) and cut them into cute little labels.  Chalk markers (less messy than regular chalk) were placed on the tables so people could write their names on their jars.

To fill their vintage mugs and tea cups, they served hot water for tea, hot cocoa, and warm apple cider in retro pump thermoses.  They had agave syrup, marshmallows, apple slices, and cinnamon sticks as garnishes.  Ashley said this was a big hit!

Another quirky aspect was the totally vintage feel of the images.  Gaby loves vintage cameras, polaroids, and isn’t afraid of light leaks or sunflare.  If it fits the tone of your wedding, feel free to hire a photographer that embraces the past.

I also love how Ashley & Mark’s whimsical tastes extended to the bridal party.  Look at these adorable gals. (I own mustard yellow tights too and LOVE them!).  It is nice to see each bridesmaid able to express her own style.

Congratulations to Ashley & Mark!  Thank you for letting us share your wedding and to Gaby for sending these our way.  Ashley also has her own Etsy shop where she sells many of the things she makes.  If you aren’t very crafty but like her decorations, you may be able to hire her for your own wedding decor.