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It’s certainly a pleasure to meet you!


Simply put, all of us at Fleur are jumping up & down at the honor of participating in Indie Wed!

(Above photos credited to Simply Jessie)


Fleur is a floral boutique in the heart of the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago.  We’re open to the public for lovely clusters of blooms, deliveries & darling gifts (many made locally!).  In addition to our storefront, we offer custom wedding services for your floral needs.

(Above photos credited to Jennifer Kathryn Photography)

 Painting, printmaking & art history backgrounds have allowed us to develop a lovely rapport with blushing blossoms and design.  Our inspiration is pulled from watercolors, Dutch Impressionism, texture and, of course, nature.  It’s thrilling to working with seasonal blooms in both tailored and whimsical compositions, creating an ambience for your day that you’ll always remember.

(Above photo credited to Jamie Hartley Photography)


Delight, joy and romance are just a few of the accessories we use when designing your wedding. Whether your theme is simplicity and elegance or rustic and lush we will create a scene to transform the common day into one of pure charm and love.

Be sure to stop by our booth, we’re teaming with Greatest Expectations & creating something warm & magical!  Can’t wait to see you there!!!


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Meet the Teams – Inspired Creations Contest part 3

It is time for another introduction.  Up this time is a proposal for a ceremony arch.  This entry was selected since it wasn’t the usual table setting but instead will inspire some ideas to dress up your own ceremony spot.  (Remember that earlier post on creating a focal point?)

This twosome is comprised of Kio Kreations & Hazleton Photography.  They have submitted a concept titled “A Whimsical Salvage Chic Ceremony” and I know everyone will be blown away when the see it come to life at the winter Indie Wed event.  Their entry included a bunch of sketches but I don’t want to give away too much.  Instead here are a few images they sent in as inspiration for their concept.


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Meet the Teams – Inspired Creations Contest part 2

So yesterday we introduced you to our first selected team for the Indie Wed Inspired Creations Contest.


Today’s team is the duo of Grapevine Floral & John Dart Photography.  The concept of their proposal is for the ultimate vintage, cozy, winter wedding.  Think flannel shirts, vintage hankies, knitted mittens, candlelight, and snowflakes.  The inspiration board they sent over is just stunning and I can’t wait to see how they transform this into a live vignette.

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Holy Geronimo!

So I previously posted about creating a focal point in your ceremony or reception area.  I do think decor and setting a mood is important.  What could be more fun that these amazing balloons, yes balloons, by Jihan “Jihanimo” Zencirli and her company Geronimo!

via 100 Layer Cake

Now I know these have been all over the web during the summer but I was getting all excited about them again and just wanted to share for those who may have not seen them before.  I think they are just stunning and so much fun.

via Geronimo!

Balloons at weddings aren’t a new idea for sure but can you imagine how much fun these would be at your reception?  You could have them scattered about the room or perhaps have one as the centerpiece at every table.  Can you imagine!?  Would you have balloons at your wedding?

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Take A Seat

I was married 7 years ago, this past August.  While I wouldn’t change the groom or the actual ceremony, I do wish I could redo a lot of the details.  We planned our whole wedding in 6 months and I made most of everything from my dress to the invitations to the centerpieces.  Perhaps I’ll do a wedding flashback post one day soon.

Of all the things I would want a do-over for, table numbers and escort cards are on the list.  While I think the standard tent-fold escort cards on a table are perfectly fine, along with the traditional number on a stick in the middle of the table, I know we can do better.  Here are a few of my favorites at the moment.

via Style Me Pretty

via Martha Stewart Weddings

via Dashing In Pearls

As for table numbers, there are so many interesting things you can do.

via The Found Blog

via Eat Drink Chic


via Cottage Affairs

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Introducing Reenie Rose

Well, I say let’s get this posting party started!

Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Loreen and I am the owner/artist behind Reenie Rose.  Reenie Rose specializes in creating a modern approach to traditional bridal bouquet preservation via a custom oil painting on canvas.  To further explain, I’ll share a little story with you….

Here’s a beautiful wedding tale of a bride and groom that had a fairy godmother swoop in to rescue them from dust and clutter and ugliness.  A true Cinderella story of something not so pretty being touched by a magic wand and transformed into a timeless treasure for always.

Our story starts with our happy couple.  Aww, they are married and blissful.


And, they have chosen a most lovely bouquet of purple dahlias, lisianthus, merlot calla lilies and hypericum berries.  It was a gorgeous combination they wanted to last forever.


So, they dried it.  What was once a vibrant display became a brittle, lack luster representation of their special wedding.

Then one day, a fairy godmother came along and said, “Tsk tsk, this will not do.  Is this how you want to remember your wedding day?  I think not!”  With a sweep of her magic wand, a call into Reenie Rose and 41 hours of painting later, the happy couple received the glass slipper of all glass slippers….a Reenie Rose painting of their bouquet as it was on their wedding day.
Of course they lived happily ever after.  The End.

Moral of the story kids….do you really want to have your dried, dusty flowers sitting around when the alternative is so much better….I think not.  Be a fairy godmother to yourself or someone who would like a visual of fresh flowers with the fragrance of memories year round.

Hop over to my website to view my full garden portfolio of fresh floral paintings.  And, for a little extra, check out my blog to see what marvelous projects I am currently working on.

Happy Painting!

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What’s The (Focal) Point?

Whether you are getting married in a church, a barn, or a backyard, ceremony and reception decor can help set the mood and elevate the event from ordinary to fabulous.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on decor.

via 100 Layer Cake

One of my favorite ways to add some drama is by creating a focal point somewhere in the room.  I love large scale installations made up of everything from fabric to ribbon to paper and more.  Add a focal point to your ceremony space, a dessert table, or entrance ceiling.  Get creative and get crafty!

via 79 Ideas

Here are some more wonderful examples for inspiration.

via {this is glamorous}

via Design Sponge

via Amy Atlas