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If you attended the winter Indie Wed and visited the Belles & Gents Lounge then you most likely saw a big tv playing a black and white film on a loop.  Presented by Amelia Street Studio, this trio of talented sisters created a lovely visual element for our lounge, highlighting the city of Chicago in a way befitting our theme.

Belles & Gents Lounge – IndieWed 2013 from Amelia Street Studio on Vimeo.

Most people only think of having someone there to film the event but don’t really think about incorporating existing footage into the event. Or when they do, they assume it is really expensive and has to be this custom made movie.  One thing to think about, is if your cinematographer has existing footage they can use.  For example, the gals from Amelia Street can take the video above and change the music, get rid of the text (or replace it with your names), and even change the look and feel…. they have the raw color footage and can transform it to work with any style of wedding.  It would be a great way to showcase the city of Chicago to your guests.  They also have lots of b-roll footage of non Chicago specific scenes for those getting married in other areas.  This can be a great cost-effective way to incorporate visual elements into your big day.

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