Chicago Vendor Packet – Summer 2013

2013 Summer Chicago Indie Wed Vendor Packet

Hello. Thank you for participating in the 2013 Summer Indie Wed in Chicago. We are so excited for our second ever summer event.  This vendor packet should hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding your participation. Print this out and read through it thoroughly.

You have signed up for either a 3′, 6′ or 8′  table space*, caterer’s space or a photo booth space. (check your paypal invoice if you don’t remember which). When you arrive to your space, each vendor will recieve a packet including vendor badges and a program.

*Table spaces are the width of your table length and approximately 6‘ deep (including the 30” depth of the table – 3′ tables are 36″ square) We will have set up for you, a bare table and two chairs when you arrive. If you do not wish to use our provided table in lieu of your own table/display, let us know asap.  For those who indicated on your application that you do NOT need a table, none will be provided for you.  If this has changed, let us know asap.You are free to do whatever you wish with the space as long as you stay within the allotted dimensions.  You can not infringe on your neighbors’ spaces.

In case you didn’t know… Zhou B is an art gallery.  Everyone on the first floor will be in the gallery with artwork on the walls.  As a result your space will be a few inches away from the wall.  If you plan to have any freestanding displays, they must be a safe distance from any artwork.  You will be responsible for any damages to artwork in your space, so be careful.  

For those on the second floor, there will be no artwork to contend with.  The space is a little bit darker though so if you have electricity, bringing some additional lighting might be nice.  There are some nice bright windows up there though.

At the end of the show all vendors will be responsible for making sure your space is free of debris and garbage at the end of the event. Any vendor who leaves a mess will not be allowed to participate in future events.

Suggested items you will want to bring:

  • *Table coverings
  • *Displays & inventory (if selling goods)
  • *Change & money holder for sales
  • *Receipt book for sales or taking deposits
  • *Business cards, handouts, etc (LOTS)
  • *Snacks + bottled water & perhaps a sack lunch
  • *A friend/helper
  • *Pens/pencils

If you are looking for display ideas we have created a web page with examples from previous Indie Wed events. Visit here for more:  (Note: the 8×8′ booths do not apply to anyone at this show)

Some spaces do not come with electricity. Those who have asked previously have been located near electricity and must bring power strips, extension cords, duct tape or electric tape (to secure any loose cords).  Note that some of the outlets are low on the wall or column while others are up high on the column.  Check the floorplan for more information.  I highly suggest bringing longer drop cords just in case the outlet is a little further away that anticipated.  Also, you will be sharing outlets with the table next to you so be considerate of your neighbors.

The venue does have WiFi though we cannot attest to its strength or reliability.  If a password is needed, you will be given it on the day of the event.

Set up times are on Saturday, July 27th from 1-3pm ONLY and on Sunday, July 28th from 9-11am ONLY.  We must adhere to these times.  The building is used for many things and these are the times that work best for the staff and everyone.

Please refer to the diagram for parking.  We are renting the parking lot west of Zhou B the day of the event just for attendees.  Please DO NOT park in that lot.  For the Saturday set up and also Sunday all day, park in the lots on the EAST SIDE of Zhou B.  There are bright red barricades in the lot.  In the back of the building are several entrances that can be used.  The best entrances would be the large loading dock for big items and trucks.  For most people though, rolling in items through the ramp in the south west corner will be best. This will also be the main entrance for the attendees the day of.

zhou b parking map

The parking lot will most likely be a real pain to navigate with loading in so I suggest having a rolling cart or something you can just park away from the building and roll over.  It will be hard for everyone to grab the closest spots to unload.

Please begin breaking down your space immediately at 4pm but not before. Pack up your space first then load out. Please make sure you clean up after yourself. Again, any vendor who leaves a mess will not be allowed to participate in future events. We would like to have everyone loaded out by 5pm if possible so that cleaning crews can begin to clean up.

A signed waiver or a Certificate of Insurance are due to us by July 20th, 2013.  To submit a waiver, sign our form electronically.  It is fast and easy.  For the COI, please email a copy to us at

We are doing things a little differently this year regarding badges. Registered participants will receive TWO badges/name tags during set up that will allow you to come and go from the building during show hours and to identify you to volunteers as exhibitors. In the past we have had vendors request excessive numbers of badges and will no longer be able to honor all requests.  Please fill out this form ahead of time with the name of anyone working in your booth.  If your business requires more than two workers (such as a caterer or musical group) please email us and we will look at each request individually.  Please note, additional helpers can gain admittance with one of your complimentary tickets (see below for details).

Zhou B Art Center is in the Bridgeport area on the South Side at 1029 W 35th St.

  • Coming from the north or south via 90/94, take Exit 55A to 35th Avenue heading west.  You will pass Cellular Field on your left.  Continue down 35th St about a mile.  Zhou B will be on your left.  Turn into the parking lot just BEFORE Zhou B.
  • Coming from the west via 290, merge onto 90/94 south and continue as above to Zhou B.
  • Coming from the southwest via 55, take 55 N to Exit 290 toward Ashland Ave.  Merge onto W. 31st.  Turn right onto S. Ashland.  Turn left onto 35th.  Zhou B will on your right.  Turn in to the parking lot just beyond Zhou B, on the east side of the building.

For those coming out of town who may need suggestions for accommodations, please email us at and we will recommend some places to you, depending on your transportation situation.

For those selling items, If you are set up to take credit cards, feel free to do so. You will also be required to collect sales tax on items sold.  Any tax collected is your responsibility to pay to the State of Illinois.  Please download this form that must be filled out with any sales tax you collect.

More information regarding IL tax laws for vendors can be found on their website.
Illinois IRS:

All vendors making sales at the event (selling actual products customers take home with them) must send us your tax ID# by July 20th.  We are required by law to submit a list of vendors to the state with your contact and business info.  Please email your tax ID number to us at

Banners and badges can be found at the bottom of the page.  Save them to your desktop then put them on your websites, blogs, facebook pages and more. Help us spread the word! The show will only be as successful as the work we ALL put into it.  Also, we have a few thousand postcards that need to be distributed throughout the city.  Please let us know if you can help volunteer to distribute these in your area.

In order to participate in the event you must do ONE of the following:
1. Send us a copy of your certificate of business insurance listing Indie Wed, LLC as additional insured for the day of the event. This is quite common and will just require a call to your insurance company. They will probably also need the name, date, and location of the event for the certificate. This should be free and will be a piece of paper you can scan & email us.
2. Alternatively you could sign our waiver, releasing the organizers and venue from any damage, injury etc. Again, this is quite common in a variety of exhibitor events. We will be emailing everyone a copy of the waiver that can be signed virtually through EchoSign.  Keep an eye out for this in a separate email.

We must receive the COI or signed waiver no later than July 20th

You can find your location below (click to enlarge) or by downloading both  a copy of the floor plan & booth assignments (again, click to enlarge).  (Please note that if any changes need to be made, you will be notified asap.)



Feel free to download these and add them to your website, social media page etc.


Indie Wed, LLC, it’s staff, and co-producers will not be responsible for any damage or loss to vendor property, vendor sales, and/or possible injury, or death to the vendor. The event will go on regardless of weather . Refunds will not be given to any vendors that do not show up. Your space can not be sold to anyone else. Table and booth assignments are also subject to change.  By participating in the event, you agree to these terms.

Thanks so much!
The Indie Wed team.