PLEASE NOTE:  You are not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling or walls.  You must make or rent a freestanding structure to support any displays.  Those with 8×8′ booths can hang from the provided pipe but must do so in a way that doesn’t affect neighboring booths.

Here are a few examples from prior Indie Wed events of successful and engaging displays.

Table Displays: 

There is a lot you can do with a table space.  Many vendors choose to use the provided table and create a simple yet stunning display such as these below.  Notice how signage is used to highlight their businesses.

XO Elle

Gina Louisa designs

truffle truffle

Other vendors opted to skip the table and work within the space allotted.  Space is small (3,6 or 8′ wide x 6′ deep) but these clever folks have found a way to make a big statement in a small space.  By creating their own backdrops and using furniture, they have created inviting spaces where they can interact with attendees.  Notice the use of freestanding backdrops and/or pipe.



Booth Displays:

For those with an 8×8′ booth, you will have 3 walls with pipe & WHITE drape.  Standard drape can be a little bland or unattractive so it helps to find a way to put your own spin on things.  Most vendors find that covering up the drape works best though others have found ways to work with it and still have a lovely booth.

Please keep in mind that booths share a common back wall and side walls with neighboring booths so you can not remove or change the drape as it will affect the other booth(s).  You can hang from the pipe as long as it is on your side only.  Also note that some booths will have a narrow metal beam/column in their space.  unfortunately this is unavoidable (and is also where the electrical outlets are located).


This particular booth below was quite involved.  Two companies with booths together decided to create one large shared space and custom built the entire display shown below.  It was warm, inviting, and overall, pretty gorgeous.  One thing to note…. set up time is very limited so you need to have something that can be set up really quickly. For this display, they prebuilt the booth in sections then just screwed the walls together on site.

Here is another example of a well thought out booth.  This vendor started with a sketch and inspiration board and really transformed her blank space into a pretty amazing display.  She actually shares her process and more photos on her blog.

NOTE:  Do not think that you need to spend a fortune or be a carpenter on the side.  Some very wonderful displays are clean and simple and use the table or pipe/drape provided.  While your display helps to highlight your product or service, your goods are what should be the main focus.  In fact, here are a few examples of vendors who used simple displays and really let their products shine.

Hopefully, these photos will give you some inspiration for your display.  If you have any specific questions about anything related to your display, space size, requirements etc, please contact Kelly at