2020 Elgin Vendor Packet

2020 Elgin Vendor Packet

Hello. Thank you for participating in the 1st Suburban Indie Wed in Elgin.

This vendor packet should hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding your participation. Print this out and read through it thoroughly.

Important Dates

  • Fri. Feb. 7th – Ad Artwork & Payment Due (optional)
  • TBA – Vendor Walkthrough at Venue. 
  • Fri. Feb. 14th – Waiver Due
  • Fri. Feb. 14th – Swag Sign Up Due
  • Mon. Feb. 24th  Vendor Badge Requests Due
  • Mon. Feb. 24th– Comp Ticket Requests Due

Join the Vendor Community Site

Please make sure you join our dedicated Indie Wed vendor community page on Facebook.  This is the best place to reference deadlines, updates, and connect with other vendors. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/IWvendors/ and request to be added. I will also send invitations to the email I have on file but if it isn’t the email you use for FB you won’t be able to join.

Pre-Show Planning

You have signed up for either a 4′, 6′ or 8′  table space*, caterer’s space, photobooth space, or an 8×8‘ booth space**. (check your PayPal invoice if you don’t remember which). When you arrive at your space, each vendor will receive a packet including vendor badges and a program.

    • 4′, 6′ & 8′ Table Spaces: tables are 30″ deep plus enough room to stand behind. Some people may have unique spaces that don’t fit this standard configuration. See floor plan for specifics. Table linens are NOT included.
    • Photobooth Spaces: a roughly 7×7′ empty space with electricity. No table provided.
    • Caterers Space: We will be sending you each a private email about your needs.

All vendors MUST adhere to the size of the space provided.

At the end of the show, all vendors will be responsible for making sure your space is free of debris and garbage at the end of the event. Any vendor who leaves a mess will not be allowed to participate in future events.

Suggested items you will want to bring:

  • Table coverings 
    • The standard table isn’t very attractive. Bring something to cover the table. We suggest something that extends to the floor so you have space to hide your belongings.

  • *Displays
    • Bring anything you need to make your space stand out. Think about how your booth will look in a setting with a large crowd. While soft, subdued colors look lovely for an actual wedding, a more muted booth can get lost against the brick walls. Look at photos of past Indie Wed booths for ideas.
  • *Receipt book for taking deposits
  • *Business cards, handouts, etc 
    • We typically suggest that you bring 300-400 of your promo materials. You may only give out a fraction of that but it is good to be prepared. You will have the opportunity to get your info into the hands of a lot of people so think about how you can engage the crowd (without being obnoxious or pushy). Have items easily accessible on your table for those couples who may just want to walk by and pick up your info. Some people prefer to get a lot of info and take it home to digest.
  • *Snacks + bottled water & perhaps a sack lunch
    • This will be a LONG day. You will need to stay hydrated and fed. While there are restaurants in the area, you may not have time to break away. And though there will be caterers at the event, I’m sure they would prefer their samples to go to attendees. Bring a water bottle that you can fill and some snacks to keep you nourished.
  • *A friend/helper
    • Everyone needs a bathroom break or a chance to stretch their legs. This is also a good opportunity to walk around and network. Having a helper will give you a chance to get out and mingle with other vendors too.
  • *Pens/pencils/paper

If you are looking for display ideas we have created a web page with examples from previous Indie Wed events. Visit here for more: https://indiewed.com/vendor-displays/

**Please Note:  You are not allowed to suspend anything from the ceiling.  The first floor contains a large (and expensive!) collection of rare cars and vintage neon signage.  All displays must not impact any of these items.  If you need to hang something, please bring a free-standing display or rent some pipe to hang from.


Some spaces do not come with electricity. Those who have asked previously have been located near electricity and must bring power strips, extension cords, duct tape or electric tape (to secure any loose cords)

Load In & Set Up

Set Up can begin starting at 9am on Sunday. All vendors must have their booths set up by 11:50, ready to greet guests at 12pm.

Use the front door for loading in and out. You can park on the street or in the parking lot west of the venue temporarily. If you have large heavy items vehicles may be temporarily parked with hazards on by the front doors during load-in/out. Bring your items just inside the door then go park your vehicle for the day. When you return you can move your items into your space.

You may also sign up to use the side door (to the right of the building when looking at the main entrance). You can stay in the side parking lot while loading in through that door as long as your car stays turned on and you are unloading. Vehicles must be parked in front of ADA ramp and as close to our building as possible. Once the items are loaded into the doorway, you MUST move your car to a public parking area. Then you can return and move your items up into your space. Only ONE vehicle can be in the side lot at a given time – no exceptions (even if it is the same vendor).

All items should be loaded into the freight elevator and Haight Staff will bring them to the 2nd floor. We have carts for you to use to make load-in easier. You can also use the stairs.

PARKING:  After unloading your items, please park your car for the day in the following locations allowing closest spaces for attendees. There is free street parking along Spring and Douglas Streets and a secure parking garage on the corner of Douglas & Symphony Way. DO NOT permanently park on Symphony or in the parking lot west of the building. 

Please see this marked map for areas.

Advertising Opportunity

Each year we print up to 1000 multi-page, full-color programs that go out to all attendees. It includes a directory of all vendors as well as a schedule of events. We included several pages of vendor ads for those looking for an additional promotional opportunity. If you would like to take out ad space in the program please learn more here and submit the form. Print-ready artwork and payment are due by Friday, February 7th.


We need to have the names of every vendor (and staff/helpers etc) that will be in the building. In the past, we have had people show up at registration claiming to be a vendor’s employee yet we were not given their name. If this happens they will NOT be allowed entry. 

    • Registered participants will receive up to TWO badges/name tags during set up that will allow you to come and go from the building during show hours and to identify you to volunteers as exhibitors.
    • If your business requires more than two workers (such as a caterer or musical group) please email us just the quantity needed and we will look at each request individually. You will still need to fill out the form.
    • Please note, additional helpers can gain admittance with one of your complimentary tickets (see below for details).

To request badges, ALL VENDORS must do so using this form: Vendor Badge Request Form. Please submit by Monday, February 24th as we need time to print badges for everyone.

Complimentary Tickets

Free tickets? As with every show, vendors are entitled to complimentary tickets to hand out to friends, family, and most of all, clients. I’ve heard a few vendors balk at the idea of handing out tickets to potential clients for fear they may end up hiring the competition instead. I have two thoughts on this…

1. Chances are, they’ve already looked at the competition anyway. There is a reason they have come to you in the first place and it is up to you to sell yourself. There will be competition at Indie Wed and any other event you do. You have to ignore any fear you have about this and just focus on making the best case for all attendees as to why they should hire you. Besides, they will remember you for being the vendor that gave them this great day of wedding planning. Then you can plan for them to meet at your booth where they can get a glimpse of you in action. Let them experience your services!

2. Tickets aren’t just for potential clients. What about the couple that you’ve already booked but they still haven’t hired half their other vendors. Encourage them to go to a place where they can find like-minded vendors (who you most likely work with often anyway).  They will be able to take care of a ton of stressful planning in a fun atmosphere and have you to thank for it!

Feel free to host giveaways on your blogs and social media or otherwise find creative ways to promote yourself using these free tickets. As it gets closer to the event we may release more comp tickets. Each comp ticket is good for one individual so a couple would take 2 tickets. Please submit by Monday, February 24th as we need time to send out confirmations and create our attendance sheets.

To redeem your comp tickets:

Important: Under ‘Comped Guest Info’ please enter the name & email for **the person receiving the ticket**. **NOT** your information.

Make sure you fill out this information and **do not give the link to anyone else.** We will only accept the first 8 tickets you sign up for. Vendors who abuse the system may be held responsible for any extra tickets.

Please let any guests know that they will receive a confirmation email close to the event. We enter these manually and therefore do them in batches closer to the show.

Swag Bags

As with every event, we will have swag bags for the first 50 couples. They will receive a limited edition, silkscreened tote bag with a list of participating vendors who are offering special swag. Swag items are small samples or items that make a big impact over just a postcard, business card or basic advert.

If you would still like to offer a little giveaway item to those with tote bags, that would be great. Please prepare at least 50 items. Let us know if you have something special for swag bag holders by Friday, Feb. 14th. Swag bags will include a card with names of participating vendors. They bring that card to your booth to collect the swag. This is the best way to encourage them to interact with you. Please fill out this form: Swag Bag Sign Up Form


For those coming out of town who may need suggestions for accommodations, please email us at info@indiewed.com and we will recommend some places to you, depending on your transportation situation.

Spread the Word

In addition to our regular social media and print campaigns, we rely on vendors to help get the word out. Every vendor should be actively posting about the event online and talking about it with clients, friends etc. This is a team effort!

Banners and badges can be found at the bottom of the page.  Save them to your desktop then put them on your websites, blogs, Facebook pages and more. Help us spread the word! The show will only be as successful as the work we ALL put into it.  Also, we have a few thousand postcards that need to be distributed throughout the city.  Please let us know if you can help volunteer to distribute these in your area.


In order to participate in the event you must do the following by Friday, February 14th:

  • Sign a basic release/waiver electronically by following this link: Waiver to E-sign This only takes a few moments to complete. Please note, once you fill out the form you may be required to verify your email address. The waiver will NOT be complete until this step is done. (If you have previously submitted an online waiver for Indie Wed in the past, you may not need this step – please read online prompts carefully).

Vendor Assignments

Print a copy of this as needed.

Web Banners & Social Media

For social media, use the hashtags #indiewed and #indiewed2020 and please tag us @indiewed in all posts..
Here is a link to a dropbox with various graphics that can be used across social media.  Feel free to download these and add them to your website, social media page etc. Just follow the link and download images as needed.


Indie Wed, LLC, it’s staff, and co-producers will not be responsible for any damage or loss to vendor property, vendor sales, and/or possible injury, or death to the vendor. The event will go on regardless of weather. Refunds will not be given to any vendors that do not show up. Your space cannot be sold to anyone else. Table and booth assignments are also subject to change.  By participating in the event, you agree to these terms.

Thanks so much!